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Welcome to Whiskeybarrel Studios!

I am Oliver Joyce, founder of the studio and a game designer best known for the popular game series Swords and Sandals. Whiskeybarrel Studios was formed in 2013 with a simple three-pillared philosophy. Whenever we make a game, we ask of ourselves that our games do the following.

  • Be different. Strive to stand out from the sea of soul-sapping endless runners and Match 3 clones. Cynical, market-driven game development leads to forgettable cookie-cutter games.
  • Be creative. Great experiences don’t have to mean Triple A budgets. Let the gameplay shine.
  • Be charming. Make games brimming with personality.

Above all, we want to build games that exude warmth, humour and nostalgia. They should tell a story. They should make you laugh, entertain and thrill you.

We have just released the latest chapter in the franchise, Swords and Sandals V, and are currently hard at work on a nautical themed conquest game tentatively titled Swords & Sandals: Pirates.

2018 will be a big year for the studio as we expand the Swords and Sandals universe into something truly epic.

Grand adventures await!