Game: Captain Fishblock

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“If you want to catch a fish, freeze him in a block of ice first. Sure, they say I’m crazy, but it works!” – Captain Fishblock


Thanks to Amazon for making us the Free App of the Day. Captain Fishblock has now been downloaded over 56,000 times!

This exciting physics puzzle game for Android and iOS will have you trying to land blocks of frozen fish on a rickety arctic fishing-boat. You must balance, stack and guide the ice-blocks before time runs out… and it’s not as easy as it looks. Your friendly dog companion Barnacles will help you along the way, but don’t let any blocks fall out of the boat, or there’ll be no dinner for Captain Fishblock!

The game is available on Google Play , the Apple App Store , the Amazon App Store and now the Samsung App Store.

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* 40 levels of thrilling physics puzzles to solve
* Bouncy, icy, volatile and explosive blocks to stack
* Puffer Fish, whales and the dreaded bombfish!
* Experience day and night, auroras and snowfalls in the arctic circle
* 6 tracks of seafaring music by Adrian Galassi