Swords and Sandals 2


Whilst an employee of Australia’s leading Play Agency 3RD Sense, I was responsible for designing and developing Swords and Sandals 2, an online and downloadable role playing game.

  • The most popular web game I have ever made, this comical gladiator game was a massive hit throughout the web
  • It has been been played hundreds of millions of times on hundreds of game portals, with over 14 million gameplays on Fizzy.com alone
  • The downloadable version of the game, released in 2007, sold over 25,000 copies at $20 each
  • Thousands of YouTube videos have been made about the game
  • At the peak of Swords & Sandals 2’s success, it was being played 400,000 times a day ( tracked by Mochibot )
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